WE believe people deserve access to quality natural products to help them live more comfortable lives. So we started with a simple concept:



At Better Laboratories we will always be amongst the first to acknowledge the huge strides that have been made in the development in pharmaceutical drugs that have made it possible for clinicians to successfully treat conditions that only a short few years ago were untreatable.

However, there are centuries of documented history and a present day growing body of peer reviewed evidence presented by leading clinicians regarding the effectiveness of natural “remedies” for good health, general wellbeing and fitness, without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

This is why WE do what we do. We are innovators in applying 21st century Bioscience to selected ancient natural health “remedies”, handed down from previous generations and scientifically formulating them into present day fit for purpose natural therapies for good health, wellbeing and fitness.

In this way we have created our own unique formulations, using the highest quality material cultivated in established facilities with impeccable quality control. We infuse them with non-psychoactive Hemp oil from the Hemp plant to create a range of nutraceutical products to provide solutions for good health, general wellbeing and fitness.

At Better Laboratories, we believe when there is a natural alternative it should be of the best quality, efficacious, consistent, innovative and widely available.  Better products are helping people serve the needs of the present without sacrificing the health or safety of their future.


Why Hemp?

From Egyptian Kings to American Presidents, humans have been interacting with Hemp for thousands of years. 

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Why Transdermal?

Transdermal delivery is an incredibly efficient way to get compounds into your body.

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Why Topical?

Topical Oils can be used as an addendum or an alternative to our Transdermal Patches. 

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